Wavekarting® is a unique patented outdoor watersport activity on the Belgian coast. You are at the wheel of a motorboat as you sail over the North Sea waves. Thanks to the design of the Wavekart, you are always perfectly safe on the water.

This has made Wavekarting the new watersport attraction on the Belgian coast. From young to old, from quiet enjoyer to extreme thrill-seeker, everybody can enjoy a trip on the North Sea in his or her own way. It's something you must have experienced!

Throughout the activity you will be under the supervision of experienced instructors. Beforehand, they will give you a technical briefing and explain very carefully the safety procedures. Out at sea, the instructors will keep a sharp watch on compliance with the safety rules, making this a motorsport activity that is 100% safe.

As you will be at the wheel, you can set your own pace. You do not need a boatman's certificate. Spending a couple of days on the coast? You are welcome to visit us. For more information you can also view our YouTube Wavekarting channel. It contains numerous clips of people who have recently gone out to sea with us.

If you are alone but would like to sail out with a group, we can arrange it for you. Contact us for an appointment.

Wavekarting® is bound to be an unforgettable experience for you. It's a unique, exclusive and sporting way to discover sun, sea and waves starting from the port of Nieuwpoort.

Wavekarting® Xplore

After a personal welcome you will have time to put on splash-proof trousers and coat and the mandatory life jacket. The instructor will then give you our safety and technical briefing.

You can board the craft on your own, or with 2 or 3 people and the initiation will get underway. Among other things you will learn how to manoeuvre through the port channel and sail at sea with respect for other people while observing the safety rules and riding the waves!

Once at sea, we can open up the throttle and follow a course off the beach at Nieuwpoort. The supervisors sail in front on separate security boats and will point out the right course.

Along the course we stop 4 or 5 times to change pilot. This gives every participant ample opportunity to take charge of the wheel and control the motorboat.

After an exhilarating hour packed with sensation, we will return to base. There's no time to get seasick!

Daily sailings. We sail out even when the weather is not too good! When there are strong winds (5 to 6 on the Beaufort scale) we still go out, making due allowance for the swell at sea.

Wavekarting® Xplore lasts one and a half hours (10 minutes to change, 20 minutes for the briefing and 60 minutes at sea).

Wavekarting® Xplore For Kids

Wavekarting® is a sport for young and old! Our oldest participant was 88 and sailed out with us in summer 2015.

Kids aged 13 and younger get a reduced price on sunday. Children aged 8 and older are welcome to experience the adventure with you. As an adult pilot, you obviously know best how sporting you want to make the trip.

Wavekarting is 100% safe, so there is no risk of falling off the Wavekart. If you follow the instructions of our supervisors, you will experience the ultimate thrill. Your son or daughter will still be talking about it a long time afterwards!

Wavekarting® Deluxe

Wavekarting® Deluxe is an add-on for groups and companies: you sail the waves even longer with champagne afterwards. Truly a sensational experience!

It includes one hour and 20 minutes of sailing, and back at port a glass of champagne will be waiting for every participant.

Wavekarting® Deluxe lasts two hours (10 minutes of changing, 25 minutes for the briefing, 1 hour and 20 minutes at sea and 15 minutes for champagne).


Wavekarting® is a unique outdoor watersport activity on the Belgian/Dutch coast. You will be at the wheel of a Wavekart and sail with 2 or 3 people over the waves of the North Sea. Our instructors will supervise you during a thrilling journey off the coast at Nieuwpoort.

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